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Hello! I am Danimarion, and this is the commission information that you will need to go to for prices and other useful information when ordering a commission from me. I can draw digital artwork, mainly in a manga-esque style, and I occasionally animate small GIF loops with frame-to-frame animation.


My tools of trade are:
A Wacom Intuos4 tablet.
Adobe Photoshop CS6.

When it comes to theming, I usually subjectively favour stuff including snakes, hypnosis or tentacles. My gallery includes female pin-ups, and I mainly focus on drawing female characters. If you may want a male character as a focus, I don't mind it, but the results may differ from the norm due to less practice.
If your preferences are much too different from mine, your order may be deemed unmotivating, and I can consider rejecting it. It is by no means because I judge your fetish or anything, but as art is a transformative medium dependant on the artist itself, a lack of motivation will often turn into a lesser quality, and neither the customer or the artist will be satisfied with the work.

A list of themes that I CAN deem within such premises:
My Little Pony.
Various American animation shows, such as Simpsons, American Dad, and so on...

The list above isn't necessarily dependant on what the commissioner may ask for. You can always ask if your commission can be accepted even if they're within the above thematics. If you present your commission properly, I can further judge if I can accept this or not.
I would deem a 'proper' presentation to describe what YOU in DETAIL would like to see in your picture. Do also pay heed that if you present a new fetish to me not listed above, it MAY still be rejected.
If you introduce that to me, and I deem it unmotivating, it will be added to the above list for future references.

So do be sure to give me details about your preferences every time you may consider commissioning me. It will be helping both of us in the long run. :)

Now, below there will be two different sections; drawings and animations.
These will describe the prices and setups for each category, so be sure to read them throughoutly!

This is the cheapest and most common work I can produce, but also the most efficient. You can conceive this to be the most common sort of commission and work that you will see from me.
Below, you can see a list of prices for the different kinds of drawings you can commission.
Please note that these prices cannot be negotiated, but you can give feedback on the overall price-range.

Basic pricing:
Digital Sketch – 5 $
Digital Line-art – 10$
Digital Flat-colour – 12 $
Cell-shaded – 15 $
Cell-shaded with added depth and textures – 20 $

Extra pricing details:
Added Characters – 10 $ each.
Blurred Background (or Pencil/Sketched Background) – 5 $
Lined Background – 10 $ (5 $ if not coloured)

Usually the commissioning-procedure will be going as followed. You will (probably) send me a note or other means of message asking if the commissions are open. If I say yes, I will ask you what you would like me to do. You will then give me a detailed description of the commission that you wish for, and if deemed motivating, I will ask for details involving the pricing if you haven't covered that already.
After we have cut a deal, I will list your commission as a WIP on my journal, and I will be working on your commission accordingly. If a commission is intended to be fully coloured, I can show you a WIP sketch through an e-mail, but you will have to share your email-address with me, and your commission needs to be at the very least commissioned to be a cell-shaded work.
After the full drawing is finished, I will send you a message asking you for payment. After I have received the money, I will submit your commission to my gallery unless requested otherwise, or if it is outside of deviantART's Terms of Service.

Other things to pay heed to:
I will NOT accept multiple images in a row from one customer. Generally speaking, it has resulted in lackluster results from me in the past, and I would like to avoid it until I can handle it properly later on.

Some people have in the past avoided to pay for their commission, and due to that I have wasted a lot of time making a commission for naught. If such an event occurs, I am sure to remember who it was, and I will probably not be accepting a commission from that person again. So do make sure to have everything in order before you commission me.

Not-Safe-For-Work pictures and excessive pornography can be posted on my hentai-foundry, tumblr, or blogger accounts. As you have every right to post your own commissions on your account (as long as proper credit is given of course), so will I be able to post it wherever I may want to. If you're curious of where I may post these, I can give you some links if requested.

This last thing is a bit personal, but since I don't have deadlines for these, and since I'm a student at an university, current commissions can experience some delays now and again. Continuous questions of when a commission is finished can be deemed unmotivating for me, and excessive misconduct of this can eventually lead to a cancellation of a commission.
This is more-or-less strictly speaking, but just be patient about my workflow, 'kay? =P

Since I've recently attended to some animation courses in my study, I've come to find an interest in making more animated pieces of work recently. While not a lot of finished animations are posted on my gallery at the moment, I am often working on concepts for new animations, and I plan on becoming better as time goes on.
Since my first official animation was a rather big succes, I have a lot of expectations to fulfill this coming year, so I hope some people will be looking forward to see future endeavours.

As for the commission-part of this whole thing, there are quite a few things to note before I give further details on the matter.


Firstly, animations are going to be very expensive. Each frame of animation is charged according to how it is coloured, so if you wanted an animation like 'Jungle Girl' for example, it would cost at least 200 dollars. A background would of course not be charged multiple times though. Basically, you can expect each frame to be charged like a normal drawing commission.

Secondly, since animations take a long while to make (and I mean a LONG time), you're expected to pay for the first frame of animation before I start working on it. This includes all of the colouring included within the picture itself. This is so that I can expect to receive the full payment when it is finished, and I won't have wasted my time making a full animation for naught.

Lastly, I am unable to animate animations with 24 frames-per-second at the moment IF they are above 2 seconds long. If you want Disney-quality work, I would ask you to consider your expectations towards me before you commission me. I am still an amateur at this whole ordeal, and the main reason I am taking these commissions in the first place is in order to improve my capabilities.

SO. Since we got that out of the way, here is some further information for those still interested.

Animation-commissions will be coming in 3 packages.
Simple frame-to-frame loops. (2 frames)
Basic frame-to-frame loops. (6 frames per second)
Detailed frame-to-frame loops. ('12' frames per second)

Simple frame-to-frame loops are, as stated, very simple. Since they are only 2 frames, they are fairly easy to make, and because of that, you can make some simple animations off of these.
The frames-per-second can be as you wish (even 24 frames) since the animation apart from drawing the 2 drawings will be a copy-and-paste effort.
This sort of animation is good for 'blinking' characters and such, but can also be used for some basic struggling. You can expect very low standards for this sort of deal, but it will be much faster and cheaper to develop. If you just want a character to stand still and blink instead, the second frame will be charged with 5 dollars instead of the same price as a full drawing. It will be subject to perception, so do discuss with me if you think your request is too simple for your second frame to be fully charged. :)

Basic frame-to-frame loops are a bit more interesting, as they are more-or-less the same frame-per-second that the 'Jungle Girl' animation sports. It's a bit wonky to look at, but can lead to a more detailed setup than what the simple frame-to-frame setup has.
When ordering a commission like this, it is very relevant to the price on how long you would like the animation to be. For example, a digitally sketched commission of 1 second with one character dancing or something will cost 30 US dollars. Even if they are sketches, there will be made an effort to make them look as clean as possible.
Basically you can expect the price to be calculated like this:
(colouring + number of extra characters) * (time in seconds * 6) + inclusion of background = price

Detailed frame-to-frame loops follow the same principle as the basic setup, but you can expect the smoothness of the animation to be up to par with 'Zleepy' that I posted online earlier. These frames will feature double the inbetweens that basic setups have to offer, and will therefore take the longest to make. And of course, as an example for pricing, the same sketched dancing character would cost 60 US dollars again.
You can expect the price to be calculated like this:
(colouring + number of extra characters) * (time in seconds * 12) + inclusion of background = price

Of course I can do the math for you before we strike a deal, but I'd suggest you to do the calculations before you ask me so that you're sure that you can pay me fully when the full animation is done.

With that, I hope I didn't scare anyone away. Do consider what you want if you want to make a commission like this. If you have any questions that you feel I did not answer here, do send me a message. And if necessary, you can also send me feedback according to what you have read above.

I do look forward to hear what you have in mind for this coming time of the year. I hope I will be able to improve as well.
Sup guys. Just letting you know that I've tried drawing for the past few weeks, but apparently, I am experiencing a bit of an art block.

The ideas and inspiration is there, but I am unable to carry them out at the moment. :)

I'll be back as soon as possible. If anything, you may expect a few sketches on my tumblr.

Future reference: Which day of the week would suit you the best for watching me livestream? 

14 deviants said Saturday
14 deviants said I don't have time to watch livestreams.
7 deviants said More than one day (Comment please :))
5 deviants said Tuesday
5 deviants said Friday
3 deviants said Monday
3 deviants said Sunday
2 deviants said Wednesday
2 deviants said Thursday


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Hey Dan, in regards to your love for Shantae, have you seen her in her Dancers dress?…
I think this might give you an idea or two.
Renee-Niels 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
M'kay, I don't know how I never got around to watching you before now~
Danimarion 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you'll enjoy it in the future then. =P
just a question, you never had idea to draw Yami hypnotized? (Golden Darkness in To love ru)
Danimarion 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't say I have. While I enjoy reading it now and again, I don't really like To Love-Ru characters that much. =P
Sovereign64 Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As promise, here's my demo reel. What do you think?…
Danimarion Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nifty. Looks like to me that it was well worth the time you spent in that course. :)
Sovereign64 Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. :D
You're welcome ^.^
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